Mariah Carey Will Be On ‘X Factor USA’???

For the past few months rumors of Mariah being apart of ‘X Factor USA’ have floated around the music industry. Now having confirmation of her role find out exactly what the diva will be doing after the jump.People Magazine has reported that Mariah will serve as a judge’s guest.

People Magazine:“Mariah is definitely confirmed to be a part of X Factor. She is confirmed to tape something with Simon Cowell at the judge’s homes.  Each of the judges [Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and L.A. Reid] will tape something with mentors they have selected and Simon has selected Mariah to do that with him. The judge’s mentor the talent they pick and she will be working with them.”

I for one am glad to see Mariah making moves in the industry once again. I know many would like to see her on the judging panel, but I am glad that she wont be.

With Mariah being as big of a star that she is, plus her diva antics, I could see her overshadowing the actual show if she was to serve as a judge.

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