Britney Spears, “I am making the music that I enjoy and….my fans will love.”

Britney Spears recently gave a very intimate interview, with Popjustice. The interview was conducted over the phone, during the early stages of the London riots.Check out a few excerpts below.

Britney, are you there?
I’m here!

Great. What most drives you to be brilliant – fear of failure or thirst for success?
Thirst for success.  I constantly want to outdo the last thing I’ve done.

Have you learned that over the years or was that always there?
Over the years. I’ve always worked hard for whatever I’ve got but as time goes by I tend to want to outdo myself which I guess is a good thing.

How do you define success now? Is it album sales or ticket sales, or whether you personally like something?
Just by feeling accomplished in what I’ve done, you know? In the art that we’ve done.  At this point in my career I am making the music that I enjoy and the music I know my fans will love.

Even if you’re saying “I am being totally honest with you” do you still think it’s important for popstars to keep something back from their fans?
I think your personal life is your personal life, and that should stay private, but in the line of talking about my craft and what I do I’m willing to talk about those things. 

That bit where it overlaps is complicated. What is it that keeps people on the outside from going over the line… I don’t know what it is, is it respect?
It doesn’t seem like those outside have too much trouble crossing the line…

And how much of the real you do you think we know? None, everything, half? 45%?
I would say half.  I can be pretty guarded with my personal life and I’ve learned that’s okay.

That’s quite a lot to know.
Check out the full interview here:

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