Featured Artist: DNeal

My first featured artist of September is DNeal. Serving up the first track ‘911(Sombody Call)’ from his new album Train Wreck. More on Dneal inside as well as a short bio written by DNeal.Check below for DNeal’s self written bio, followed by the new single ‘911(Somebody Call)


Just A Small Town Kid Trying to Make it In The World Of MUSIC! Been Writing Music For Over 10 years. Made a Few Features On A Few Artists albums And Have writing Credits for Jazmine V, Sam Tsui, & Other Up & Coming Artists. Debut Album “The World According to me” Spawned 2 Top 10 Hits on soundclick R&B Charts. Success Continued in 2011 When the sophmore album “After Heartbreak” was released to Great Reviews and Spawned the #1 Hit “I Still Love You Part II” and #3 Pop Hit “Everybody…but Me”. D.Neal Plans To do it all Again with a New album Titled “Trainwreck” Slated For a Dec 2011 Release and His new Single “911” Already climbing the Pop Charts! 

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