Music News: Jay-z Working On New Album???

After release his highly anticipated album ‘Watch The Throne, rapper Jay-zshows no signs of slowing down. Producer No ID said “He’s already working on his next studio album”. Read more below…

In a interview with Drew Reports was asked about Jay-z the producer had this to say:

“Jay has started again. He played me a couple of things. I gave him some music while we were at the ‘Watch the Throne’ sessions. But with Jay, you never know what he’s really doing, thinking, planning until it’s really done. I’m sure he’ll make a decision one day to make an album very quickly, like he usually does.

“I think he’s at a place where he has visions of what he wants to do, and it’s not really dependent on any of us. It’s dependent on his vision and he’s gonna do it, and hopefully I’ll be involved.”

No I.D. and Jay have previously worked together on tracks including ‘D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)’ and ‘Run This Town’. The producer is also working with rappers Nas and Common on their respective albums, and said they are hoping to “revive” hip hop.

He added to “We’re really trying to revive a certain part of hip-hop that seems to be fading out. They’re gonna be full bodies of work that are really dedicated to the fan base.”

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