How Rude?..Lil Wayne Tells Screaming Fan To Shut The F*ck Up..& He Dont Want Them As A Fan

Rapper Lil Wayne went off on fan during a recent show of his. While Lil Wayne tried to do his poem the fan wouldn’t stop screaming , so Wezzy stop what he was saying and addressed the screaming fan, “Shut the f*ck up! Stop it for real. If you’re really a fan you would shut the f*ck up and listen to me.” I find that really rude how he handle the situation its a concert did he really think everyone was gone to really sit there quite.  Find out more below and  the video as well…

But he didn’t stop there after he addressed the screaming fan the first time, once he was done with his poem lil Wayne went on and said, “To the person who was screaming as I was trying to talk, I wish you never buy another one of my albums again ib your life….I dont want you as a fan.” Than told security to kick the person out. Really Lil Wayne this is how you treat the people who make you how you are today, I’m glad im not his fan.

Do You Think Lil Wayne  Was Rude For That???


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