Serena Williams Could Be Banned For Life

Serena Williams may have bit off more than she wanted to chew. By now I’m sure we all know about Serena’s little incident at this weekends past U.S Open match, but just how much trouble is Serena in? Details inside.

Tournament referee Brian Earley says Williams is under investigation for the brouhaha; her outburst could result in a fine, suspension or even a ban from future tennis tournaments.

Back in 2009, Williams was put on a two-year probation and was fined $82,500 for throwing a profanity-laced fit against another official during a semi-final that she lost against Kim Clijsters.

10 comments on “Serena Williams Could Be Banned For Life

  1. AUTOMATIC DEFAULT is what is needed in professional tennis.It is time to be very HIGH-HANDED with people like Serena Williams. Fines are nothing to somebody like Serena who has lots of money in the bank. What is needed is a widespread BOYCOTT aimed at her corporate sponsors’ products by people who really are nauseated by her behavior so that these people WILL UNCEREMONIOUSLY DROP her!

  2. A BOYCOTT by tennis fans who were nauseated by Serena Williams’ behavior is a more effective weapon than waiting for the U.S.T.A. to do anything. A BOYCOTT of the products that these high-profile tennis players often endorse is the only EFFECTIVE way for fans to say it is past time to MAKE EXAMPLES OF TENNIS PLAYERS WHO THREATEN OR HARASS LINESPEOPLE.

  3. “GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!” is the attitude that Serena Williams’ corporate sponsors should have when Williams misbehaves in a serious manner while playing tennis. She showed that she is “professional only by reason that she gets paid to play tennis.Yes she SHOULD be BANNED from future tenis tournaments for her profanity-laced tirade;but so should OTHER tennis players when THEY cross the line.

  4. If they Ban Serena from future tennis tournaments because of her behavior, the next scalp they should go after is that of Andy Roddick, and for the same reason.And the punishment should NOT be a fine or a slap on the wrist. It should include a BOYCOTT of whatever products he endorses or is paid to endorse, with the court of public opinion saying a unanimous “GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!” and the loss of endorsement contracts for him also.

  5. It is Serena Williams’ BEHAVIOR at tennis tournaments that makes American tennis fans root for others and against her. I’m for CUTTING SERENA WILLIAMS NO SLACK WHATSOEVER! She IS a disgrace to tennis as her conduct indicates. I wouldn’t hold my breath, however, waiting for her to be banned or suspended. I’d MAKE something happen, like a letter to Nike or some other company that pays her to endorse its products and vow to boycott those products until BOTH Williams siblings retire from tennis for keeps.Yes, I know tennis is spelled with two “n’s.”

  6. Male tennis players misbehave too and when they do the same rules should apply to ALL tennis players(male or female), whether they are black, white or chartreuse!So should the penalties. A five-year ban should be the NORM, NOT the exception, for ANY player who threatens a linesperson ort other official.

  7. TOO BAD if tennis is boring WITHOUT the Williams sisters,Serena and Venus. I like a U.S. Open Tennis Tournament with WELL-BEHAVED NOBODIES beecoming SOMEBODIES by playing ACCORDING TO THE RULES, not VIOLATING them! If Andy Roddick were banned for five years for his behavior-or even twenty-I’d think the folks in the U.S.T.A. were doing their jobs properly.

  8. A lifetime ban on Serena Williaqms is unlikely because if she IS banned for any amount of time short of that fans will get bored and there won’t be anybody watching professional tennis anymore. There SHOULD be a 5-year ban ON ANY PLAYER WHO THREATENS BODILY HARM TO A LINESPERSON OR OTHER TENNIS OFFICIAL.

  9. I am hoping that many more sign petition to make Nike Drop Serena Williams so others will know that berating or even threatening tennis linespeople IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR-PERIOD!

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