America’s Next Top Model All-Star Season

Tyra and the girls are baaaaaack!Fourteen of America’s Next Top Model’s past  contestants are back for a second shot on the catwalk.

Cycle 17 features the first-ever All-Star cast, with fan favorites from different cycles as they square off and compete for the grand prize.

Nicki Minaj will serve as guest judge for the first round of eliminations. Season premiere September 14th, 9/8c on The CW. Check out the images below.

Bianca Golden: Cycle 9

Sheena Sakai: Cycle 11

Lisa D’Amato: Cycle 5

Laura Kirkpatrick: Cycle 13

Allison Harvard: Cycle 12

Isis King: Cycle 11

Brittany Brower: Cycle 4

Shannon Stewart: Cycle 1

Bre Scullark: Cycle 5

Camille McDonald: Cycle 2

Kayla Ferrel: Cycle 15

Alexandria Everett: Cycle 16

Dominique Reighard: Cycle 10

Angelea Preston: Cycle 14


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