Kim Kardashian’s Sisters Hate Kris

Oh Kris! The poor guy might have married Kim, but she isn’t the only one he has to please.An April get-to-know-you family trip to Bora Bora with Kris, wasn’t exactly paradise.

 Mr.Kardashian criticized Kourtney,  for being a “slave” to her son Mason, 21 months. His constant roughhousing with Kim also rubbed her sisters the wrong way.

“It irks the girls that he’s always tossing Kim around,” a source said. “He’s like this weird, big clumsy oaf.”

A family pal says,  “He feels the cold shoulder from Kourtney and Khloe, but he only cares about Kim. With Kourtney and Khloe, he’s not going to kiss their ass to fit in.”

“He has basically signed up to be part of the Kardashian brand, and that’s not an easy transition,” says a Kardashian source. “He may not be a natural fit, but he really loves Kim.”

I wonder how long this artificial marriage will last.

In related news Kim and her sister manage not to show up for Kris sister runway debut during New York’s Fashion week.

“Kim and her sisters were supposed to come and sit front-row [at Richie Rich],” a spy told the NY Post’s Page Six, “but there were three empty seats.” They added that they saw the NBA star on his cellphone, presumably to reach Kim. “He’s always there to support her family,” said the spy, “and she wasn’t there for his.”

Whelp I see this marriage ending soon. Read more here

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