Mariah Carey Wants Her 90’s Body Back

Nick Cannon says wife Mariah is working hard on getting her pre-baby body back.“She’s so focused right now on every aspect. She’s going to come back and knock out the world,” he told Us Weekly Wednesday at the America’s Got Talent finale in L.A. “She’s getting in shape.”

“At two months she was walking around in a bathing suit,” he said. “Every day she’s just killing it. I personally think she’s going to come out looking better — looking like it’s 1990! I think that’s what she’s aiming for, and I think she’ll reach that goal.”

Speaking on if they ever work out together Nick said,“We do, but she’s too serious!” also adding “She works out in the water. I don’t like the water. I can’t swim that well.”

Mariah is making all the right moves for a succesful comeback, with an X-Factor USA role and the determination to get her body back right, we could see Mariah snatching wigs again sooner than we thought

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