Terrell Owens Hospitalized For Possble Pill Overdose

Taken to the E.R. following an urgent call to 911, Terrell Owens was reportedly hospitalized at a Los Angeles, California medical center last week (October 6) due to a possible pill overdose. According to TMZ, the NFL free agent, who is currently rehabbing an injury to his ACL, was transported to the emergency room via ambulance while authorities were dispatched to the L.A. apartment at which he’s been residing.

“An ambulance was sent to the apartment at 11:02 PM Thursday night — and police arrived soon after. Officials are not disclosing the nature of the emergency — or explaining why cops were called to the scene,” said the report.

While speculation that the 911 call may have been in response to a pill overdose, Owens’ reps have yet to confirm or deny the claim since his release from the hospital.

T.O. was previously rushed to a medical center back in 2006 after he was found unresponsive by his publicist. However, despite reports he tried to commit suicide by downing 35 Vicodin pills, the sports star insisted his trip to the E.R. was due to a bad reaction to meds he had been taking.

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