Rita’s Thoughts: Ciara Needs A New Beginning

Ciara finally inked the deal with Epic Records after months of allegations on what label the singer will be signed to. A year later after dropping her last album with Jive title Basic Instinct which sold 37k its first week making it Ciara lowest debut on the Billboard’s Hot 200,  the singer decided it was time to part ways with the label. Since than Ciara been touring around the world , dating NBA player Amar’e  Stoudemire, partying and shopping . Unconfirmed but there a chances of Ciara staring in her first movie with Adam Sandler. Other than  Ciara haven’t been doing anything with her modeling career. Read more below…

Back in 2007 (I Think) Ciara signed a Multi-Million dollar contact with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, and from there her modeling career took off but lately I haven’t seen Ciara doing any modeling. I feel like her management could have taken this time out to focus on other parts of Ciara career. We all know Ciara as a dancer/singer/ writer but what else can she do?? Ciara 26 birthday is right around the corner and it seem like she’s stuck in the a path as she was in 2 years ago with Fantasy Ride. I truly see Ciara doing big things with her career (Other than Music) if she gets the right people behind  her. I think is wonderful that she’s back with L.A.Reid hopefully we can get her back in her lane and making hits but I rather see Ciara do something different this go around like more movies, modeling, small TV rolls Ciara needs to step out her comfort zone if she want to be on a different level. hopefully they will get things right.



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